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with relay option
Organized under the leadership of the Sullivan Striders since 2005!

Great event for marathon training!

A few of our wonderful 30K volunteers
Above (left to right): Debbie LaBounty, Bill Schneider,  Myriam Loor, Dave Badalato, Kathleen Rifkin, Dennis Toscano

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The course:
Locator map showing where Wurtsboro is in relation to neighboring states
Area road map showing roads of the Wurtsboro Mtn 30k
USATF Course Map for Wurtsboro Mountain 30km - shows start and finish details
5km split locations
Mile split locations 
Course elevation profile graph shows where hills are, but not the actual grades of the hills
Detailed descriptions of uphill and downhill grades

Turns will have volunteers, arrows painted on roadway for turns.
Route: start in Wurtsboro, go up Wurtsboro Mtn Rd. (Old Rt 17) west, go L onto K-Line Bridge Rd, over Rt 17 (pass exit 112), go R up Mt Prosper Rd, L onto Yankee Lake Rd at top of hill, L onto Pine Kill Rd, R onto Rt 209, L onto Sullivan Co Rt 163 (becomes Orange Co Rt 61), L onto Indian Orchard Rd (becomes South Rd) follow to finish at Emma Chase School in Wurtsboro. 

Getting To Wurtsboro

Directions to race

Convenient parking close to finish line at Emma Chase School. From finish line in front of school, it's only 120 meters to start on Pennsylvania Avenue (AKA South Rd).

Race day registration, check-in and awards, race bib and t-shirt pick-up:
Emma Chase School, Wurtsboro, NY. Check-in, registration, parking and awards are centrally located here. Bathroom facilities are located inside the school (two male and two female bathrooms). Check-in will be quick: check in at the registration table to get your race bib. The race will start promptly. This is very important, as police expect runners to be on the race route and going through key intersections during certain time ranges.

Early starters (Those who need more than 3:30 to finish): see Sullivan Striders calendar

More inspirational quotes for runners
Weather forecast: never judge a day by the weather!
Race management

Individual 30km road race originally designed and organized from 2002-2004 by USATF Certified Coach Brian Cavanagh. Organized by Sullivan Striders from 2005 on. Relay option added in 2005 by Sullivan Striders officers. Special thanks to Myriam Loor for organizing this for several years, especially since this comes only two weeks after another big race she directs, the Celebrate Life Half Marathon.  
Brian founded the 100km Catskill Mountain Road Relay, a five and ten person team relay (with 10km legs) which has been held annually since 1992.  Brian has contributed many hours to both the Orange Runners Club and Sullivan Striders over the years. A former 2:48 marathoner (1:56:20 for the Bankathon/Chopathon 30km, equivalent to about a 2:06 for the WM30K), he saw the need for an accurate 30km in the region to give runners a goal to help them develop long-run fitness for a spring marathon. In his opinion, "There is no purer sport than long distance running; it brings us back to our roots as human beings.

Planning Ahead

Wurtsboro Mtn 30K affiliated organizations, publications and events:
More than forty links to clubs, publications, calendar of spring marathons and nearby races.

Salient training advice
In his late 70's, Johnny Kelly, the famed Boston Marathon runner, was asked how to train. His response: "Get out the door and put one foot in front of the other [and run]!"

Likewise, I'll keep it simple here.

Runners will take from 2-4 hours to complete course. Get some practice running longer than you've been doing, then up and down longer hills to be ready for this race. Rest up for 5 days before to supercharge your muscles.
Pace yourself on race day, especially uphill for the first 3.5 miles. Hold back in the middle stages of the race. In the later
stages, "hang tough"; be strong-minded. Don't give up. Believe in your abilities. A marathon and a 30k are about parceling out your energy reserves properly and thinking positively.

"Brevity is the soul of wit." - Shakespeare

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