USATF Certified Maps for Walking & Running Race Routes, by Brian Cavanagh
88 USATF-Certified courses measured; runners now have
accurate distances
to go with their times!

Distances of USATF Certified race courses are of the highest level of accuracy and are guaranteed accurate. To get maps for courses below, go to . Distances of all other race courses are not of the same level of accuracy. A distance that is off by one tenth of a mile for a 10k could mean being the runner's time is wrong by 30-60 seconds. Race Directors who refer to their race as "certified" must provide the USATF certification number. To search for whether a course is certified or not, go to
Guaranteed accurate courses in Sullivan, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess counties and the NY metro region which I have worked on are listed below.

A number of people have asked about the accuracy of USATF Certified running race courses after they used a GPS device and got a different measurement. "USATF Certified" is the gold standard of accurate course measurement and is used by USATF, RRCA, IAAF, and AIMS, which are the professional organizations involved in this sport. None of these groups use GPS for course measurement or for recognizing records because GPS is so inaccurate. GPS devices are expensive but nowhere near as accurate as the use of a calibrated Jones-Oerth device while applying USATF measurement procedures, and that is why GPS is not used to measure courses or place mile markers on race courses.

Article on USATF course measurement and why it is needed - complete with drawing of Jones-Oerth device, explanation of measurement procedures, sample certification map, sample application for certification of a calibration course, explanation of USATF course numbers. Written and explained clearly by Brian Cavanagh.

Race courses and calibration courses measured in Sullivan, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess & neighboring counties of New York State:

USATF Certified (accurate):
USATF certified courses are accurate until Dec 31 of the year ten years after the date of certification. The two digits after the "NY" in the course # represent the year the course was certified. All courses were measured by Brian Cavanagh unless otherwise noted.

42.195 K (26.21875 Miles):
Hambletonian Marathon; Goshen, NY; USATF# NY12148JG. Course designed by Steve Holmbraker and Kathleen Rifkin
Walkway Over The Hudson Marathon; Poughkeepsie, NY; NY15022JG;
This is the 86th course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.

21.098 K (Half Marathon, or 13.109 Miles):
Bald Eagle Half Marathon; Callicoon, NY; USATF #NY14064JG
Celebrate Life Half Marathon (w/ Ed Homenick); from The Sullivan [Hotel], Rock Hill, NY; USATF# NY10002JG. Course designed by Kathleen Rifkin & Brian Cavanagh.
Dutchess County Classic Half Marathon; LaGrangeville, NY; USATF #NY14088JG
HVRUNS Newburgh Half Marathon; Newburgh, NY; USATF #NY14154JG
(replaces NY14034JG); 87th course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
Walkway Over The Hudson Half Marathon; Poughkeepsie, NY;
USATF #NY15002JG; This is the 84th course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.

15 K (9.321 Miles):
Hudson Valley 15k; Blooming Grove - Washingtonville, NY; USATF # NY08049JG; course layout by The 7:19 Club: Todd Jennings, John Finnigan, Gary Arne, Rich D'Ambrosio 

7.5 Miles (12.070 K):
Cornwall Lions Club 7.5 Mile Scenic Challenge
(2009); Cornwall, NY; USATF#NY09067JG; course layout by Jackie McBride Gaillard

10 K (6.214 Miles):
Bald Eagle 10K; Callicoon, NY; USATF #NY14063JG
Delaware Youth Center 10k River Race; Callicoon, NY; USATF #NY14047JG
Tri-State Classic 10k (2012); Port Jervis, NY; USATF#
NY12125JG. Course redesigned by Robie Mackerley with assistance by Brian.
The Classic 10K Road Race; Middletown, NY; USATF# NY06008JG  - measured by Bill Norton for 2006 race and afterwards
West Point 10K; West Point, NY; USATF# NY14023JG

8 K (
4.971 Miles):
Falling Colors 8k; Rock Hill, NY;
General Montgomery Day 8K; Montgomery, NY; USATF# NY13107JG

7 K (4.350 Miles):
Jingle Jog 7K
(2008 and after); (w/ Bob Harris) Salisbury Mills, NY; USATF# NY08047JG; course layout by Todd Jennings. 

4 Miles (6.437 K):
Run 4 Downtown;
Middletown, NY; USATF# NY07030JG.

6 K (3.728 Miles):
Rod MacDonald 6k; Walden, NY; USATF# NY10032JG

5 K (3.107 Miles):
Cornwall Lions Club Fall Harvest 5K
(2009); Cornwall, NY; USATF#NY09066JG; course layout by Jackie McBride Gaillard
Delaware River Run 5K; Port Jervis, NY; USATF#NY13023JG
IBEW Local 503 Benefit 5K Run/Walk; Monroe, NY; USATF#NY13039JG
Chester Kiwanis 5K Hambletonian Trot; Chester, NY; NY13047JG.
Fighting Fires 5K; Smallwood, NY;  USATF# NY13073JG
Delaware Youth Center 5K River Race; Callicoon, NY; USATF #NY14046JG
Dutchess County Classic 5K; LaGrangeville, NY; USATF Certified Course# NY14089JG 
FallingColors 5K; Rock Hill, NY; USATF # NY07077JG
Forestburgh 5K; Forestburgh, NY; USATF# NY12129JG
Hand in Hand 5K;
Highland to Poughkeepsie, NY & back; NY14149JG; This is the 81st course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
John S. Burke 5K; Goshen, NY; USATF# NY15020JG; This is the 85th course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
McGarrah's Family Fun 'B' 5K; using bike path in Monroe, NY;
USATF# NY14120JG; replaces NY14105JG
Melissa Fund SUN RUN 5K with alternate finish on paved path south of Rings Pond, Cornwall, NY; NY14039JG
Rhulen Rock Hill Run n Ramble 5K; Rock Hill, NY; USATF# NY06032JG
RJR (Richard J Rudy) Memorial Charity 5K; Warwick, NY; USATF# NY13110JG
Safe Harbors Off Broadway Run 5K; Newburgh, NY; USATF #NY14155JG
(replaces NY14036JG); 88th course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
Treetops to Rooftops 5K; Highland to Poughkeepsie, NY; USATF15001JG; This is the 83rd course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
West Point 5K; West Point, NY; USATF# NY14022JG

2 miles & 12 feet (2.002272 Miles): 
Smallwood Mountain Lake Endurance (SMiLE) Challenge Relay,
Smallwood, NY
. This is a loop that will be run numerous times in succession by teams as a relay and possibly by ultra runners.

1 Mile (1.609344 K): 
North Ave Mile; New Rochelle, NY; USATF# NY13069JG
Safe Harbors Off Broadway Mile; (w/ Bob Harris); Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY08021JG

Calibration courses:
Airport Rd 300m Cal Course (w/ Harold Johnson); Mongaup Valley, NY;  USATF# NY13070JG
Canal Street 300m Cal Course (w/ Kieran Cavanagh); Port Jervis, NY; USATF#NY12122JG
Dutchess Rail Trail 300m Cal Course; Poughkeepsie, NY; NY14153JG; This is the 82nd course I've done USATF certification measurement work on.
Drury Lane 300m Cal Course (w/ Bob Harris); Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY08017JG
Jennifer Dr 300m Cal Course (w/ Claudia Camargo); Wappinger Falls, NY; USATF# NY09046JG 
North Emerald Dr 300m Cal Course; Rock Hill, NY; USATF# NY13111JG
Round Hill Rd 300m Cal Course; Warwick, NY; USATF# NY13109JG
1801.46 feet-Waywayanda Calibration Course; Middletown, NY  - measured by Bill Norton; USATF# NY06002AM

River Road 300m Cal Course; West Point, NY; USATF# NY14011JG

Certification expired:
100k Catskill Mountain Rd Relay (10x10km legs) (w/ Steve Holmbraker); Ulster & Sullivan Co's, NY; USATF# NY02057AM (expired 12/31/12)
Wurtsboro Mountain 30k Run; Wurtsboro, NY; USATF# NY01046AM (expired 12/31/11)
400m-Wurtsboro Mtn. Rd. 400m Cal Course (w/ Bill Norton, Steve H); Rock Hill, NY; USATF# NY01043AM (expired 12/31/11)
400m-Claryville Rt. 19 - 400m Cal Course (w/ Steve Holmbraker); Claryville, NY; USATF# NY02042AM (expired 12/31/12)
400m-Airport Rd 400m Cal Course; Bethel, NY (with Barry & Zac Shavrick); USATF# NY02041AM (expired 12/31/12)
400m-Egerton Rd 400m (by Steve Holmbraker; Brian assisted); Middletown, NY; USATF# NY02040AM; listed as "Egarton Rd. 400 meter" on (expired 12/31/12)
Delaware River Run 5k; Port Jervis, NY;
remeasured and renewed in 2013.

Delaware Youth Center 5k River Race; Callicoon, NY; USATF# NY03039AM. Remeasured and recertified in 2014.
Fighting Fires 5K; Smallwood, NY; remeasured and renewed in 2013.
Otisville 1000 foot calibration course, measured and mapped by Frank Giannino;
USATF#NY94027AM (expired 12/31/04)
Washingtonville Scholarship Run 5k; Washingtonville, NY; USATF# NY03013AM; measured by Steve Holmbraker and mapped by Kathleen Rifkin (expired 12/31/13)

Course no longer used or race no longer held:

5K4 CAITLIN (2009 and after, w/ Chris Hammaren); Westtown, NY; USATF# NY09010 JG  
5K4 CAITLIN: (w/ Bob Harris) Applewood Winery, Warwick, NY; USATF# NY08015JG
Beaverkill Mountain 5k Road Race; Lew Beach, NY; USATF# NY07079JG (12 minutes northeast of Livingston Manor in the Catskills)
Beaverkill Mountain Half Marathon Road Race; Lew Beach, NY (12 minutes northeast of Livingston Manor in the Catskills); USATF # NY07080JG.
CASA 5k; Bethel, NY; USATF# NY01047AM

CASA 5K for Children Race (2008) (w/ Dennis Toscano); Monticello, NY; USATF# NY08054JG
Celebrate Life Half Marathon (2008 & earlier); from former Dodge Inn Restaurant, Rock Hill, NY; USATF# NY03058AM

Cystic Fibrosis 5K for a Cure; Malboro, NY; USATF#NY06052JG
Dutchess County Classic 5K; Wappinger, NY; USATF Certified Course# NY09047JG
Dutchess County Classic 5K; LaGrangeville, NY; USATF Certified Course# NY12106JG
Dutchess County Classic Half Marathon; Wappinger, NY; USATF Certified Course# NY09048JG
Dutchess County Classic Half Marathon; LaGrangeville, NY; USATF # NY12107JG 
Forestburgh 5K; Forestburgh, NY; has brief turnaround onto Lena Road; USATF# NY12091JG
General Montgomery Day 8K; Montgomery, NY; USATF# NY04035AM

Healthy Harvest 5k Run / Walk sponsored by the Walker Valley Ladies Auxiliary, Walker Valley, NY; USATF# NY10041JG
Jeff Jam 5k; Jeffersonville, NY; USATF# NY03034AM.
(expired 12/31/13)
McGarrah's Family Fun 5K; Monroe, NY; USATF# NY14105JG; Village officials disallowed use of Rt 17M; replacement course uses bike path. 
Melissa Fund SUN RUN 5K; Cornwall, NY; NY14027JG. Police Dept disallowed finish on Hudson St, required it to be moved.
Melissa Fund SUN RUN 10K; Cornwall, NY; NY14028JG. Police Dept disallowed finish on Hudson St, required it to be moved.
Orange Classic 10k (w/ Steve Holmbraker, Kathleen Rifkin, Ed Homenick); Middletown, NY;  USATF# NY02058AM
Run For Our Future 8k; Fallsburg, NY; USATF# NY02039AM
Run / Walk For Our Future 5K; Fallsburg, NY; USATF# NY08044JG
Safe Harbors Broadway Run 5k; Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY07018JG; used in 2007, replaced in 2008 by Off Broadway 5K
Safe Harbors Off Broadway Run 5k; Newburgh, NY;  USATF# NY08020JG, measured with Bob Harris, was replaced by rerouted course.
Safe Harbors Broadway Run 1 Mile; Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY07019JG; used in 2007, replaced in 2008 by Off Broadway Mile
Stewart Marines 5K Race; Stewart Airport, Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY08037JG

Tri-State Classic 10k (1995-2005)
; Port Jervis, NY; USATF#NY95035AM; Frank Giannino measured & mapped (expired 12/31/05)
Tri-State Classic 10k (2006-2007); Montague, NJ; USATF#NY-06053-JG. Frank Giannino mapped this original course, Brian measured it.
Tri-State Classic 10k (2008); Port Jervis, NY; USATF#NY08039JG. Course redesign by Debbie Valentine & Brian.
Tri-State Classic 10k (2009-2011); Port Jervis, NY - Montague, NJ - Port Jervis, Matamoras, PA, Port Jervis; USATF#NY09061JG. Course redesign by Debbie Valentine & Brian.
Walden 8k; Walden, NY; USATF# NY03038AM. Course design by Mike Bliss, Walden Dept of Recreation.
Y Activate America 5k Run/Walk; Newburgh, NY; USATF# NY11044JG

Jones-Oerth device measured, can be USATF Certified if contracted to do so:
A marathon route: Circleville, Bullville, Pine Bush, Bruynswick to Libertyville, NY (w/ Ed Homenick),
Smallwood 2 mile, 12 foot ultra loop, 2002
20km out and back course on South Rd along the Basha Kill, Wurtsboro, 2001


In the late 70's through the 90's, Brian coached track & field and cross-country on the elementary, middle, high school, college and post-collegiate levels, coaching four NY State Champions (5km, decathlon, two in marathon), one national champion, and an Ironman triathlete. His state champion decathlete competed in the four-man bobsled in the 1980 Olympics. From September 1981 to May of 1982, Brian worked as Assistant Coach for the Cross Country & Track & Field (indoor and outdoor) programs at Division III State University of New York at Plattsburgh, working with Head Coach & Exercise Physiologist Dick Fischer. Together, they qualified both their men's and women's cross country teams for 1981 NCAA Division III National Championships. SUNY Plattsburgh was one of only three teams in the nation which qualified both their men's and women's teams for the Division III National Championships. At Nationals, the men placed 20th (out of 233 Div. III colleges in the US). The women placed 8th (out of 142 Div. III colleges in the US). Our top female runner was  sixteen year old freshman Lisa Holck. Years later, she married Rob McDougal and together, they raised a family. Their first son, Josh McDougal, outkicked Galen Rupp to become the 2007 NCAA Division I National Champion in Cross Country and was subsequently sponsored by Nike as a pro after graduating college. Galen went on to earn the silver medal in the 10,000m at the 2012 London Olympics. In 2007, Josh became the first runner in the 132 year history of the IC4A Outdoor Championship Meet to win the 1500, 5000 & 10,000 meters!

Brian received his USA Track & Field Coaching Certification in 1986. In 1996, he contacted Troy Engle, National Coaching Education Coordinator for USA Track & Field, to request that the three day USATF Coaching Certification course be taught in the Hudson Valley region. After Troy became Head Coach at West Point, he organized the course with assistants Joe Rogers and Knut Hjeltnes. Forty-four coaches traveled from as far away as Ohio and Vermont to West Point, NY to gain their USA Track & Field Level I Coaching Certification. Brian was invited to be a guest at the course and contributed frequently. Brian's fellow Fallsburg Central School Track & Field Coach Mike St. Lawrence earned his USATF Level I Coaching Certification. Mike & Brian coached boys and girls at Fallsburg in the spring of 2012 after Brian coached the first modified xc team in Fallsburg since standout teacher Peter Briggs coached the team in the 1990's. Brian had built the track & field and xc program from scratch from the fall of 1986 through spring 1987, fall 1987, spring 1988, fall 1988 and spring 1989. In spring 1989, Brian's 7th grade boys' team won the ten team Onterora Invitational. Among the athletes on the boys and girls team that spring was standout thrower Lucille Carter, who has coached grades 4-6 intramural & modified (grades 7 & 8) track & field at Fallsburg. In Fall 2012 Brian coached the first varsity xc team at Fallsburg in a dozen years.

In the late 80's, Brian was VP of Sullivan County Rails to Trails Conservancy (SCRTC), inspected all sixty-five miles of potential rail trails in the county, wrote and presented a report summarizing what was needed on each section of trail. To help further the Genesee Valley Greenway project (Rochester, NY area), he represented SCRTC at the invitation of the National Parks Service and the New York Parks and Conservation Association. He also provided input to the Long Path Committee of the NY-NJ Trail Conference which led to a successful rerouting of the Long Path onto the Sullivan County Rail Trail along the Basha Kill wetlands area.

In the late 80's and early 90's, Brian wrote a series of coaching articles for the Orange Runners Club, wrote workout schedules and coached numerous runners in the club.

In the early 90's, Brian layed out, measured, marked and organized the only double-leg road relay in NYS, the 100km (62.2 mile) Catskill Mountain Road Relay for five and ten person teams. He continued to organize the race each year until 1999 when his wife Addie and infant son Kieran needed Daddy at home. In 1999, he handed over the reins to others, in 2000 became the first person to run the race solo, then came back to help organize the relay in 2001. 

In 1996, Brian envisioned then founded The Trail Builders Project which cleared or created eleven miles of trails in Sullivan County from 1997-1999 by recruiting and coordinating the efforts of eighty-nine volunteers who put in over 700 man-hours on state and county publicly owned land. Brian made numerous trail maps and proposed an interconnecting countywide trail system using existing trail segments. In 1996 and 1997, Brian wrote articles for Hudson Valley Sports Magazine and was one of the original event organizers for Eventure, a series of outdoor adventure competitions organized by Barry Levinson which included professional bike race promoter John Vande Velde (whose son Christian raced on Lance Armstrong's USPS team in the Tour de France in 2001). Barry, John and Brian were like-minded in that they saw the potential for great events in this region. They realized that promotion, money and hard work would be the keys to success.

In 2001 and 2002, Brian did USATF (USA Track & Field) certification measurements for several road race courses for running so that they would meet the high national standard for accuracy for road races. A precise 400 meter calibration course was laid out in July 2001 under Brian's guidance with the assistance of former Orange Runners Club President Steve Holmbraker and professional Surveyor Bill Norton, both members of Sullivan County's new running and walking club, the Sullivan Striders. USATF granted official certication status for this calibration course on August 29, 2001 which allowed course measurers to precisely calibrate the Jones-Oerth counter with which road race courses are measured. Since the Jones-Oerth counter registers 20-24 counts per wheel revolution, the high degree of resolution in measurement produces more accurate courses than an odometer would.

In the fall of 2001, Brian was a founding member of a new marathon committee which included Orange County Sporting Goods' Frank Giannino, whose inspiration it was to create a major marathon in the Hudson Valley region. Frank is friends with Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray, whose transcontinental running record Frank broke in the early 1980's. Frank had been in discussion with Dave about what it takes to create a major marathon, then Frank approached Keith Yeates, president of the Orange Runners Club, then discussed it with Brian. All liked the idea very much and felt it "would fly". Two other experienced and knowledgeable invitees to the inaugural marathon committee were ORC members Steve Holmbraker and Barb Linton, Assistant Commissioner for Veteran's Affairs in Orange County. Together, the group brainstormed ways to create a major marathon in the region. Keith and Frank drove to Boston and met with professional road race directing consultant Dave McGillivray to seek further input on developing the race. Brian began to pursue route development.

After Brian spoke with several people about possible routes, fellow runner Ken Newman had the excellent idea of a marathon route from Circleville to New Paltz. This kernel idea was brilliant because of the manner in which the proposed route would parallel the Shawangunk Ridge as it went from southwest to northeast, thus staying in the valleys and minimizing elevation changes. Over a period of several weeks, Brian used new computer software to explore all potential marathon routes in the region, then mapped, layed out and measured the flattest possible routes. The final proposed route was a variation on Ken Newman's idea which used quieter, traffic-free scenic roads to go from Circleville to the Ulster County Fairgrounds in Libertyville. Brian drove the course, biked the course with Ed Homenick as they did the measurements with Jones-Oerth counters, then re-biked variations on that route to fine-tune it further, adjusted the course more with the mapping software and continued to look at other variations on the route. When Brian was confident he had solved the logistical problems he and Ed had discovered after doing the initial measurement, he biked the fine-tuned route and back, cutting all tangents and riding sixty one miles in one day. Brian proceeded to piece together all the measurement data, designed maps of the race route, then proposed the route to the marathon committee at their second meeting. The proposed course was reviewed and approved by committee.

continues to measure courses for biking as part of creating an online compendium of bike information for Sullivan County and surrounding areas, including a century route (100 miler) in late 2006 from Bloomingburg to New Paltz and back on low-traffic back roads.

Brian has helped to achieve USATF Course C
ertification status, guarantees of course accuracy for ten years, on 84+ courses ranging from 300 meters to 100,000 meters (100km, or 62.2 miles) from 2001 to present. Calibration courses & USATF Certified courses now stretch from the Town of Bethel (Mongaup Valley, in Sullivan County) east to the Town of Wappinger (Dutchess County), with Rock Hill and Middletown in the middle of the region (also the furthest south), thanks to efforts by Bill Norton, Frank Gianino, Steve Holmbraker, Kathleen Rifkin, Barry & Zac Shavrick, Bob Harris, Ed Homenick, Dennis Toscano & Harold Johnson. Brian's long-term plan to improve the accuracy of courses in the region is succeeding with the cooperation of race directors throughout the region.

Brian has grown his school's cross-country and track & field program with Michael St Lawrence &
Lucille Carter-Harris. An intramural program for 5th and 6th graders Brian started was conducted by fellow coach Lucille Carter-Harris. He provided coaches with books and videos and information on how to build the program. He taught youth how to train in a sustainable way so that it is appropriate for their developmental levels. A Fallsburg elementary school 1500 meter x-c course was layed out connecting grassy areas at the school so that no pavement would have to be crossed for the entire course. A map of the route is visible here:

Starting in June 2008, Brian started coaching elite distance runner Claudia Camargo. Using a variety of healthy training approaches, Claudia started showing signs of a return to previous fitness with a 1:19 half marathon (Kiawah Island, SC; 6:02 per mile, 1st woman) in mid-December. In late January 2010, she ran a 1:15:35 at the 3M Austin TX half marathon: 5:46 per mile (3rd out of 2,422 female runners). In early March, she ran 16:35 for Coogan's Salsa, Blues & Shamrock 5k (1st out of 2,613 female runners).  All of these races were on USATF Certified accurate race courses. By using these times and the Purdy Points system of assessing road race performances, Brian was better able to ascertain Claudia's level of fitness than if she had been running inaccurate courses. These accurate times and Claudia's physiological responses to them helped to determine appropriate workouts. Claudia continued to progress as an international-class distance runner and was a pleasure to work with. On March 21, 2010, she ran 1:18:40 in the NYC Half Marathon as an invited elite. As of June 2010, she continued to rack up wins around the region and in various races across the nation. After a health setback due to Lyme, Claudia focused her energies on becoming healthy again. In late 2012, Brian started coaching Claudia again. She completed a trail ultramarathon in Morocco, became a trainer for a fitness center there, and helped organize a run where Hicham El-Guerrouj, the Mile World Record Holder (3:43.13!), was the special invited guest. As of 2014, Claudia had retired as a professional runner in her early 40's and currently lives in her homeland of Argentina, happily working as a high school teacher. She has fond memories of the members of the Sullivan Striders, Orange Runners Club, and Mid-Hudson Runners Club who were so kind to her.

Over 117 volunteers assisted Brian in building a cross country course at Fallsburg Jr/Sr High School. Volunteers have pruned branches, axed roots, dug drainage ditches, built bridges and raked the trail. Chris Sutton of Sutton Underground donated time to stump & boulder removal, then Brian hired Nastro Construction to remove the rest of the stumps and boulders from 3,600 feet of wooded trail. Alex and Joe worked skillfully to get this phase of the project done. Joe Levner & Tim Bult chainsawed trees with Brian to prepare the route for the mini-excavator and bulldozer. Next, Brian purchased gravel delivered by Woodbourne Lawn & Garden and hired Glenn Fodor Landscaping to use a front end loader and mid-sized excavator to distribute the gravel to build a firm dry foundation of a trail for years ahead. The finished route will use two loops for varsity, one for modified xc. Hurricane Sandy blew down more than a dozen trees in a 300 foot stretch of trail which Glenn Fodor & Adam made quick work of with chainsaw and excavator. Monetary donations were made by Brian & his family, Glenn Fodor, Fallsburg Parent-Teacher-Student Organization, Ira Gold of Sullivan Fire Protection Corp., and Jon Farrow. Chris Sutton of Sutton Underground started the initial heavy equipment work with donated excavator efforts clearing trail. In total, this cross country course was a result of about $46,000 donated over three and a half years. Fallsburg Groundskeeper Tom Tate covered the gravel base in the woods with 6 inches of wood chips for a world-class running surface.The athletes love the world-class surface of the new trail!

Spring 2015 was Brian's last season coaching high school athletes in Fallsburg Central School's cross country, indoor & outdoor track & field program which he started building in the fall of 1986. At the time, there had been only 5 runners on the cross country team, there was no indoor or outdoor track & field team, no cross country course, no official track & field facility, and no coaches other than him. As of June 2015, Fallsburg has 2.6K (1.6 mile) & 5K cross country courses, an official outdoor track & field facility, new pole vault & high jump portapits (thanks to Harold Fried's efforts), modified & varsity cross country & outdoor track & field programs, and a varsity indoor track & field program.


Besides coaching, Brian Cavanagh has done accurate professional road race course layout and measurement via Jones-Oerth device
on bike (USATF certification method), designed web sites, course elevation profiles and maps for road races and trail users, and directed and consulted with race directors for their races, and more recently, has been officiating at track & field meets in Florida. Contact him by email at: