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December minutes on 12/17/2015 held at Danny's in Wurtsboro, NY
Stephanie Phillips from the Farm and Country show on WJFF interviewed Mac Thurston, Kim Flynn and Tom Manza on what the Striders club is about and it was played on that show a few weeks later to many great reviews. Strider member Kelly Desmond put Stephanie in touch with us and Mac did an outstanding job. Membership dues for 2016 are due now and 10 people have already registered. An application for membership is available on our website. HoJo passed out the treasurer’s report and discussed same. There was a profit of $2500 from the Falling
Colors race which gives us $5461.48 balance in our scholarship fund. It was discussed that we had not donated to the R4 as of yet and it was decided that we donate the $100.00 to that race.
We asked HoJo to provide a breakdown for the 2015 Falling Colors and for all expenses for the entire year for the club. It was brought up by Mac that the food for the Falling Colors was donated by Mac, the paper goods and coffee and hot chocolate so on were donated by John Flynn and the awards/trees were donated by Tom Manza. HoJo asked if the club would entertain donating to the United Way and it was decided that the club would give $200.00 and another $100.00 was raised by several members for a $300.00 donation to the United Way Christmas fund.
A discussion about our insurance from The Road Runners Club of America concerning how many races we cover and how many members we should cover. The Wurtsboro 30K, The Falling Colors, The Rails to Trails and the Forestburg 5K (?) are covered by our insurance. We committed to April 2 for the Wurtsboro 30K and the school has been secured by HoJo.
It was discussed that we have to get all the minutes from the meetings held in 2015 and have them posted on our website. Mac and Kim are working on them. The Teachers Associations Tinsel Trot held on December 19th was discussed and quite a few members ran the very successful race and several members were there to help. Ideas concerning having a Holiday Mixer were discussed but nothing was firmed up. Some of the suggestions were The Catskill Brewery, The River Edge and several other places as well. More when final. Finally the elections were held. There were no challengers to the officers so the positions will remain the same. Mac Thurston President, John Flynn Vice-President, Harold Johnson Treasurer and Kim Flynn and Christine Westerman as secretaries.

November minutes on 11/18 /2015 Held at Danny's restaurant in Wurtsboro New York Attendance: 7 members President Mac Thurston, vice president John Flynn, treasurer Kim Flynn Treasurer report: $14,759.91 total including $5,330.31 and regular account $5,516.48 in scholarship account and $3,913.12 and Rails to Trails. Falling colors overview: good race thanks to all that volunteered and participated in the race. Club time the race with the help of Tom Ganz. Only problem we didn't have a finishing clock. The club will be looking into purchasing one. President mac looked online and clocks ranged from $200 ­ $600. Decision to be made before the 30k. President mac listed the race on cool running for the race results.. Next month’s meeting will be a week early due to the holidays. Need officer nominations prior to next meeting. Membership for 2016 is now on the website as well as the 30K race. Donations for the celebrate life half marathon and R4 race was tabled at $200 each. When Christine is unable to attend meetings Kelly or Kim will take notes. There was discussion during October's meeting on planning a trip to the New York City Marathon. The members at that meeting arranged to rent a van and open it to all members in attendance who were participating and/or spectating. It was discussed that since it was a running event, the club should reimburse John Flynn for the cost of renting the van to New York City marathon at a cost of $268.92. This was approved at this meeting. Meeting adjourned.

October minutes for 2015 at Danny's restaurant in Wurtsboro New York
Treasurer report: regular deposit $4,782.31, scholarship account $3,957.48, Rails to Trails account $3,813.12, bank total $12,552.91
Discussion of renting a van for the New York City Marathon. Members at the meeting filled the van up so there was no need to send an invite to the rest of the members sorry.
Prep work for falling colors:
1. Tom Ganz is going to help the club time the race
2. Tom Manza is getting the pine trees for the awards and Kim flynn will do the the age
group awards
3. Kim Flynn will take care of the shirts and design them
4. Mac Thurston will take care of the food and desserts while John Flynn will take care of
the plates silverware coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water for the race.
5. John and Mac will mark the course
6. Bill Norton will set up the course with mile markers
7. Cristine Westerman will take care of
registration and email the sponsor list to Kim Flynn for the shirt
8. HoJo will take care of the beginning of the race and timing
9. Tom Manza will announce the awards
10. Abby Thurston will help with registration and water stop
New race:
The Monticello high school PBA is going to have a Tinsel Trot 5k on December 5th at 10 a.m.
Tim Billias is going to organize the event for the school.
Meeting adjourned let's eat dinner

August minutes on 08/27/15 at the Rock Hill diner Treasury report: regular deposit $5,247.31, scholarship account $3,279.48, Rails to Trails account $3,813.12, 4 total bank deposit of $12,339.91 Dane Groszek, president of the Orange Runners Club has been following Aprylle Gilbert’s coast to coast run. He has informed us that she will be running through New York on August 27th or 28th through Port Jervis and passed Minisink Valley High School. He asked if anyone wanted to come join him and run with her. Looking to make a committee for Falling Colors. President Mac will be in touch with all wanting to help. Melissa Holden has asked the Striders if they would like to run at the Catskill brewery in Livingston Manor, like a 10k, and then for some beer tasting. TBA Meeting adjourned let's eat dinner!

July 2015 minutes at The Rock Hill diner
Treasury report: regular deposit $5,379.56, Scholarship account $5,195.48, special accounts Rails to Trails $3,045.12 and the Marco Pabon Fund of $ 820.00 , for a total bank deposit $14,440.16. Anthony Kane talk about the Forsberg 5k and that it is in its 9 year with all the money going towards the Orange and Sullivan Hospice. Steve Holmbraker is creating a new race, Latin off the Hudson Valley 5k in September on the Heritage Trail in Monroe. Maryann Manza talked about the scholarships that the Striders give out and that it is in its 14th year.
● The committee has decided to give out two $1,000 scholarships. One to Laura L Doherty and the other to Ian Kurzock and is in memory of Marco Pabon.
● Laura is a graduate of Monticello high school with a GPA of 4.0 will be going to Harvard University
● Ian Kurzock is a graduate of Tri Valley High School and has a GPA of 90.65 and will be going to SUNY Polytech Institute
Both where runners in school and high achievers as well and we are happy that they are the
Tom Manza talked about the memories of Marco Pabon for example, he would create a list of runners who you wanted to be in a race and then cross them off one at a time. When Marco
was still well enough we had a fundraiser at the Bashakill Winery that was enjoyed by all. Myriam Loor said that Marco race raised $1,220 for the family.
Meeting adjourned let's eat dinner.

June minutes on 6-25-2015 at The Rock Hill Diner Attendance- 11 members

2015 Officers- All in attendance

-          President- Mac Thurston

-          Vice Presidents- John Flynn, Kelly Irving

-          Treasurer- Kim Flynn

-          Assistant Treasurer- Harold Johnson

-          Secretary- Christine Westerman

Current Membership- 87 people

-          36 Individual

-          19 family (48 individuals)

-          3 Seniors- 70+


Total: $

Scholarship Fund:

-          Reviewed applications at meeting

o   Two applicants chosen to receive scholarship (one female one male)

§  Each to receive $1000

·         This will leave $930 in account for next year and to pay for meals at scholarship dinner

-          Scholarship will be named in honor of Marco

-          Scholarship dinner

o   To be held at Rock Hill Diner 3rd or 4th Thursday in July at 6pm

§  Availability of kids will determine date

§  Club will pay for kids and parents meals

Marco P.

-          $770 left in account from HVGP

o   After fundraiser run, officers will have meeting to determine how much to donate to funeral home

§  Will make payment directly to funeral home

Upcoming Races:

-          7-4-15: Goshen Great American 5k and 10k

-          7-11-15: Turtle Trot 10k- Kenoza Lake, NY

-          7-18-15- Marco’s Unfinished Symphony, Monticello, NY

o   Nature’s Lounge at 4 pm

-          7-26-15: Rails to Trails 4 mile run and 2 mile walk- Woodridge, NY Rails to Trails

o   Registration very low- hoping to increase and get a lot of day of registrants

-          8-15-15: Forestburgh 5k, to benefit Hospice of Sullivan and Orange counties- Forstburgh, NY near Lake Joseph


Other News:

-          To send letter from club to Suzy Loughlin for well organized and successful R4 race- Christine W to write and send

-          August 7th- Mike Q. from ORC hosing run and cookout at his house in Goshen

o   Has extended invitation to SS

§  Watch for email with details closer to date

-          Rich R. from ORC thanked SS members for their support at Chester Kiwanis 5k

o   340 total runners/walkers

§  Largest total ever

o   Collecting race shirts for Braeside Camp in Middletown

§  Camp for children from low income homes

Old Business-

-          Mixer and/or run at Catskill Brewing Company in Livingston Manor

o   Need to choose date- difficulties because of so many races

Next Meeting tentatively scheduled for 7-23-15 or 7-30-15; Rock Hill Diner

-          To award scholarships

-          Look for email confirmation of date and location


2015 Officers- All in attendance

-          President- Mac Thurston

-          Vice Presidents- John Flynn, Kelly Irving

-          Treasurer- Kim Flynn

-          Assistant Treasurer- Harold Johnson

-          Secretary- Christine Westerman

Current Membership- 63 people

-          29 Individual

-          13 family (31 individuals)

-          3 Seniors- 70+

·         Christine to get list of emails of previous members from HoJo meeting and send emails reminding overdue registration and asking if would still like to be members

·         Christine received list of current paid members from HoJo


30k-  $977.75 profit after timing, hats, awards paid for

            - 829.87 for hats

            - 230.88 for hat embroidery

            - 101.52 for awards

- $25 from account was given to custodian at school after 30k

- $300 from account was paid for timing service


Wurtsboro Mountain 30k- 3-21-2015

-          Donors-

o   Stewart’s Shops- 50 bottles of chocolate milk and 50 bottles of sports drink

o   ShopRite- water, paper cups ????

o   Frank G.- 60 energy gels

o   John F.- bottled water, coffee, tea, sugar, etc.

o   Mac- All post race food and fruit on course (apples, oranges, bananas)

o   Mac and Kim- made the awards

-          Shoutouts and many thanks to all those who volunteered and ran!

-          Next Year:

o   Looking at dates, possibly April 2nd

§  Factors in finalizing date:

·         School Spring Break

·         Use of Fire House instead of school- parking at school

·         Dates of NYC HM and CLHM

Scholarship Fund:

-          Deadline for applications to be in June and given in July

o   Wanted to try and get things in earlier, but state championship dates are in end of May

-          Have gotten sponsorship donations from following people/organizations

o   Gary Berson DDS

o   Woodbourne Lawn & Garden

o   Jeff Bank

o   TaMMs Horse Farm

o   Charles Bowen

o   Gibson E. McKean Inc.

-          Falling colors link on SS website to have donors listed

Upcoming Races:

Inter- Club Challenge- 4-26-15 at Thomas Bull Park- Montgomery

-          Rockland Road Runners to host

-          Must be paid club member to run

-          Dave B. from ORC got okay to use park and will be in touch with RRR


-          Christine W- Co-Webmaster

o   Dennis to meet with Christine to go over how to upload and update website


Other News:

-          Ed Homenick (sp?) starting trail committee and contacted SS to see if there was interest in SS volunteering

o   Working on finishing portions of Rails to Trails

-          Received letter from Myriam L. thanking all Striders members who volunteered at CLHM

Next Meeting tentatively scheduled for 4-30-15- Location TBD

-          Look for email confirmation of date and location

January 29, 2015 meeting held @Dannny's in Wurtsboro, NY.
Attendance- 14 members

2015 Officers

-       President- Mac Thurston

-       Vice Presidents- John Flynn, Kelly Irving

-       Treasurer- HoJo

-       Secretary- Christine Westerman

Current Membership- 38

-       19 individual

-       7 family (13 people)

-       3 Seniors- 70+

·      Haven’t gotten a lot of membership forms/dues back

o   103 members at end of 2014

·      To change membership- if join second half of year, dues good for until following January (ex. If join in July 2015, membership will go until end of 2016 and renewal will be January 2017)

·      HoJo is new contact for membership- questions, dues, forms etc.

·      Kim Flynn to contact Myriam for printed out list of previous club members to mail renewal forms to previous members

o   Kim Flynn & Maryann Manza to mail out forms once list is recieved


            General- $4361.26

            Scholarship- $2,930

            Rails to Trails- $2001.12

Mixer at Rivers Edge- 1-23-15

            -$125 from account for appetizers           

Donations to be mailed out:

-       $200 to CLHM for 2014 & 2015 ($100 for each year)

-       $100 to R4- Goes to Trevor Loughlin Foundation

o   Money from Trevor’s fund goes to any local person in medical need- no longer just for cancer patients

-       $100 to Forstburgh 5k

o   Money goes to Hospice of Sullivan and Orange

Wurtsboro Mountain 30k- 3-21-2015

-       Volunteers needed

-       HoJo has received two registrations in mail

-       Received approval to use Chase School from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm

-       HoJo contacted John Lacey from the Vets to recruit volunteers for 30k

o   Volunteers welcomed back to Chase School for food after completion of assigned duties

o   Contact Mac if available to volunteer

-       Steve Holmbreaker to time 30k for very reduced rate- will provide two people, club to provide one person as standby

-       Awards for 30k will be Sullivan Striders bells with artwork displaying race name and age placement done by Kim Flynn

-       Mac to cook food

-       Tom Manza suggested adding shorter 4 mile run to Wurtsboro 30k for those who would like to run but aren’t trained for the 30k

§  To be an out and back from near Chase School

§  $10-15 registration

§  Awards only for first, second, third overall male and female- no hats or age group awards

§  Tom & Maryann Manza will take care of updating current 30k application to include information for 4 mile run- Kelly I. to email Maryann application and contact Christine W. for no headphones logo and RRCA emblem to add to application

Other Upcoming Races:

CLHM- 3-8-2015

-       Training runs every other Saturday starting from the Sullivan in Rock Hill- watch for emails

Herby Waterman Winter Series in Middletown

-       Two races have been completed, final two races 2-8-15 & 2-22-15

o   Start has been changed to slightly different location- reported to feel warmer than previous start due to previous start being in wind tunnel

Two Rivers Half and Marathon Festival Weekend in PA

-       3-28-15 & 3-29-15

o   Marc Hughes donated two free HM entries to Club

§  Club voted to give entries to Craig & Kelly Irving

Inter- Club Challenge- 4-12-15 at Thomas Bull Park- Montgomery

-       Rockland Road Runners to host

-       As of now date will not be changed even though there are multiple conflicts

o   Many SS and ORC members will be running Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in Washington DC and will not be able to participate therefore very low turnout expected from club

o   Autism- Hustle for the Puzzle 5k to be held at same location a few hours earlier in the day

§  RD has offered that club members can register for Hustle for the Puzzle for a discounted rate of $10

Rails to Trails- will be back for 2015!!!

-       7-26-15 on trail in Woodridge

-       Sullivan County Renaissance project group from Woodridge helping Maryann M.

-       with organization of race

Falling Colors will be 11-7-15



-       Tom Manza is back running races!-    
Dane G. is new president of ORC

Marco Pabon

-       Card was sent on behalf of SS

-       Health has significantly declined and is currently under hospice care

o   HoJo contacted family and has visited

o   Marco and his family welcome visitors- however only 1-2 visitors at a time (cannot go as a group!)

§  Lives in Harris near PO and Hospital- off of Old Rte. 17 (Pleasure Drive)

o   Contacts to call prior to visit to set up a time and for directions

§  Alex (brother)- providing the majority of care to Marco

·      845-866-5778

§  Airel (nephew)

·      845-866-1801

§  Marco-can receive phone calls, but processing delay may make conversation via phone difficult

·      845-800-3451

Upcoming Fun Events!

-       Bowling at Kiamesha lanes- watch for date, probably sometime in March

-       Snow Tubing at Thomas Bull Park

o   2-14-15- Valentine’s evening at 6:00 pm

§  $15 per person if tickets purchased by Orange County resident     

·      Tom Manza, Frank Collela possibly able to purchase tickets

o   Dane G. to invite ORC

-       Dave McGillivray- RD of Boston Marathon

o   To speak Wednesday, 3-6-15 (6:30 pm?- time not definite- watch for email with more information)

o   Location- Kuhl’s Highland house in Middletown

§  $20 for dinner and presentation by Dave

§  Must pre-register and pre-pay

·      Can contact Mac to register and pay

Next Meeting tentatively scheduled for 2-26-15 at Danny’s in Wurtsboro
Membership Report
Myriam reported 140 current members.

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account has a balance of $2677.96 and the Savings account has a balance of $2834.93.

Secretary’s Report  -
Submitted mail issues.

Old Business
501c still pending.  Holiday Party is scheduled for December 27th.  December 13th is the alternate date. Maryann Manza will contact Emerald Green regarding the availability.  Kim Klemen will head the committee for the party and MaryAnn will give her guidance as to what needs to be done.  Nancy F., Dennis and Abby volunteered to assist.  Myriam will mail the invitations out.  Dennis has a line on a DJ and will look into that.
New Business
Elections were held.  Dennis Toscano has been re-elected as President, Nancy Figueroa as Exec.Vice-President, Kim Klemen as Vice-President, Roger Hourihan as Treasurer and Nancy Warth as Secretary.  Dennis thanked the out going officers, Rene Loor and Abby Billias for all their work.  It was requested that the officers present a calendar of ideas for the year.  Dennis gave a recap of a recent Officer’s meeting that was held on Thursday, November 13th after the Frontier run.  Mostly discussed were rates for races.  The Falling Colors race will remain the same but the Wurtsboro 30k will be lowered.  It was also discussed to look into different gifts for future races.

Maryann Manza gave a preliminary report on the 2008 Falling Colors Race as all the numbers are not together yet.  There were 181 who finished the race (135 in the 8k, and 46 in the 5k).  There are a few t-shirts left over that we will sell for $5 – also there are some left over from the 06 race.  Overall the race was very well received – it was a nice day and the food was great as always.  Tom Manza congratulated the club on all their efforts to make the race a special day for the family of Any McKean.  It was hard for those who knew him well but was appreciated so much by the family.  Everyone congratulated MaryAnn on a successful race.

There was some discussion of future events – Gilded Otter mixer in February and possibly another mixer in Ellenville in April.
Membership Report -
Myriam reported 137 current members.

Treasurer’s Report
Roger wasn’t present but he send balance information to the meeting – Checking account has a balance of $2618.19 and the Savings account has a balance of $2831.68.

Secretary’s Report -
Nancy Warth; submitted mail issues, Falling Colors applications and registration checks and sponsorship checks that were received during the month.  At that time there were 107 applications @ $1762 that have been received.  And $2680 as sponsorships that had been received – all checks were given to Nancy F. to give to Roger.  There were 25 registrations through Active.
Old Business -
Falling Colors race moving along nicely.   MaryAnn reviewed issues of the race.  Big thanks to Kelly for all the donations she was able to acquire for our race.  Dennis reminded everyone that our race this year is in memory of Andy McKean and that his wife, children and many family members would be attending the race. Bag stuffing was completed at the meeting and the set up will be done on Friday, October 31st at 7 pm at the Entertainium.   501c is still pending. |

New Business -
The November elections were discussed. Any nominations should be sent to John Flynn after checking with the person you want to nominate to be sure they are willing to run.  Dennis nominated Nancy Warth for Secretary, Nancy Figuaro for Vice President and Roger Hourihan as Treasurer for another year.

Events -
Myriam reported on the Walk the Race – 72 participants – took in $700 – broke even after all expenses.  Dennis reported on the success of the TriState Classic 10k recently held in PJ.  They had a new course and it was well received.  Dennis reported that the Rockland club is getting a course ready for the InterClub race to be held on Sunday, March 15, 2009.  The Christmas Party was brought up but shelved for the time being.
Membership Report
130 members to date.  George Shackleton became a member tonight which brings it to 131.
Treasurer Report:
Roger was not present at the Meeting but obtained the account to be $5161.17 in the checking and for non-checking its $2825.85

Old Business:
Falling Colors Race – Nancy W. and Roger to meet
501-C still pending.
Arrangements to get road signs and tables not determined yet.

New Business:
9/11 International Freedom Run in Afghanistan. Amount to be donated by the Sullivan Striders = $100

Myriams Newburgh Waterfront trip will be possibly after walk race in September. Need about 10-15 for organize trip.
Running Clinic to be held on Aug 2.  More information on website
Alice Newell is moving out of area. New race director will be taking over. (pending director).

Race Director Orshii Boldis spoken briefly about the Monster 5K / 10K on Aug. 3rd .  Monster T-shirts were shown at the meeting.

Race Director Dr. Gary Berson spoke this evening regarding his Annual 5K Forestburgh run on August 16th at 8:30am to benefit Sullivan & Orange Hospice.

Myriams spoke about her annual Walk the Race 3K coming up September 7th . $8 to register.  Mentioned about the great opportunity on how her race improves both walking and running.  There is no prize monies that will be awarded this year.

Scholarship Event:
Founder of the Scholarship Award Ceremonies  Maryann Manza distributed 6 Scholarship Awards this year.
Award recipients were:
1st place – Brendan Devine
2nd Place – Chelsie Schadt
3rd Place – Grace Babola
4th Place – Cassie Offringa
5th Place – Courtney Roosa
6th Place – Matthew Arielly

Membership Report – Myriam presented – 119 members to date.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger didn’t come with balances to report – attempted to determine an approximate amount of $9514 for the two accounts.  The $6000 transfer has not been made at this time.

Secretary’s Report - by Nancy –just submitted mail issues.

Old Business
 No change on the 501(c).  Everything on our end is done and we’re just waiting to hear.   Roger has not connected with Nancy W. to obtain the Falling Colors information.  The tables have not been purchased at this time. Kim hasn’t completed the signs but has an idea of what she is going to do.  Myriam is also going to ask Bill Norton where he got his signs.  Roger gave Dennis the $50 check for the Sullivan County Visitors Association – Dennis will deliver.

New Business
MaryAnn Manza gave a report on the Scholarship.  $3200 will be given out in scholarships.  The top two will receive $600 each and the other four will receive $500 each.  The winners are:  Brenden Devine,  Chelsie Schadt, Grace Babula, Casey Offringa, Matthew Arielly and Courtney Roosa.  The awards will be given at the July meeting.  Mary Ann will bring in some desert and we advised Vino’s that there will be 6-18 more attending in July.

It was decided to skip having a summer picnic this year.  The 50K will have a picnic afterwards that everyone is invited to attend. This is on July 13th. 

Events – Myriam reported that the Racino Run went well – turn out was better than expected.  Nancy F. updated everyone on the 50K.  Myriam discussed the upcoming Walk the Race 3K on September 7th.  It was voted on and approved to have cash prizes, $75 first place, $50 second place and $25 third place.  We will have course spotters along the race.  Tom suggested attending Hippie Fest at Bethel in August as a group.  He will get more information.

Speaker – Orshii Boldiis attended to give the scoop on the upcoming Monster 5k, 10k to be held on August 3rd.  This is the 8th year and the benefactor this year is the Dispute Resolution Center.  He needs volunteers especially for the Kiddie Race.  Tom will help mark the course. We will do training runs on some Thursdays and a Saturday – dates to be determined.

Membership Report – Myriam wasn’t present to report.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger didn’t have balances to report.

Secretary’s Report - by Nancy –just submitted mail issues.  Gave Mary Ann the applications for the scholarship that we have received – 4 to date.

Old Business – No change on the 501C.  This is not unusual – the 501c can take quite awhile to go through with most of the time waiting.  Everything on our end is done and we’re just waiting to hear. 
Roger reported that he has started work on the Falling Colors Race and asked for volunteers.  
MaryAnn reported that she isn’t finding any really good prices on signs.  Kim offered to make some signs for the club to have to use at various races.  The tables haven’t been purchased yet but it was reported that Target had them for $35 so the plan is to purchase 6.  Roger donated 2 tables that he had to the club.
Kim hung our citations at Vino’s in an area within the wine case – looked terrific.  Just need to bring our trophy in and put that in there also.
Dennis has added to the calendar a rafting/tubing trip to be held after the Delaware River Race in Calicoon on July 20th.   Also on the calendar is the Racino Run and Breakfast scheduled for June 21st.  The club pays for the breakfast.

New Business –  Dennis put out a call for a volunteer to try to solicit discounts from local businesses for Striders – we would put their logo and link to any website they may have on our site.
Dennis also brought up scheduling a litter pluck.  Everyone felt that the 109 exit ramp was ok for now so we decided to do a litter pluck around the starting line and finish line of the Rock & Ramble.  We will do that on Thursday, June 12th after helping with the bag stuffing.
Kelly extended an offer to her house for a run/walk and dinner on June 19th.  Dennis will put direction on the web site.
Dennis asked for anyone who could provide an article for Myriam for the next newsletter.  There was discussion with regards to the number of newsletters done – presently it is 6 a year and maybe 4 would be easier – but the discussion was tabled as Myriam wasn’t at the meeting.  We will discuss next month.
Dennis congratulated Nancy and Abby on completing their second marathon – this one in Stroudsburgh, PA. He also congratulated Myriam and Peter Briggs on completing the Vermont Marathon.
Dennis stressed the importance of being respectful of whoever has the floor during our monthly meetings. Too many side conversations make it difficult to cover the agenda and for everyone to hear what’s being discussed.
MaryAnn discussed the Scholarship Committee – once she has all the applications she will contact those interested and set up a time to review.  The Scholarships will be given at the July meeting.  It was also decided that for next year the application and information will also be put on the website to make it easier for students to apply.  Roger suggested reaching out to the Boxers group with scholarships.  This will be done next year.
Gary Benson reported that the 2nd Annual Forestburgh 5k is scheduled for August 16th at 8:30 am – a chicken bbq is included.  Dennis will put this on the calendar.
Suzie Loughlin reported the process of the Rhulen Rock & Ramble that will be held on Saturday, June 14th.  Bag stuffing will happen on Thursday the 12th and the Striders offered their assistance.  Suzie also gave us information on the recipient of this years Patient Fund and asked for our assistance in selling raffle tickets, hanging posters and getting out the word about this Fund.  At our April meeting it was voted on and approved to give $250 to the Rhulen Race.  At this meeting it was voted on and approved to give an additional $250 to the Patient Fund.

Membership Report – by Myriam – 110 paid to date.  It was suggested, voted upon and approved at this time that the membership fee will be waived on anyone 70 or over.  Dennis will put this new feature on the website.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger reported the Operations Account currently has $****.** and the Savings (Scholarship) Account has $****.**. He had some paper that needed to be signed by Dennis and Myriam.  It was suggested, voted upon and approved to move $****.** to the Savings Account.  It was also suggested, voted upon and approved at this time that the Scholarship Awards would use at least what the net was from the previous Falling Colors 8K Race.  It may at the time be increased if agreed upon.

Secretary’s Report - by Nancy –just submitted mail issues and gave any checks to Roger.  Gave Myriam all new/renewal membership applications received.

Old Business – No change on the 501C.  Dennis again put out a call for someone to come forward to be the Race Director for the Falling Colors race in November.  Tim was considering taking the position but Abby said she didn’t think he really wanted to do it.  Roger volunteered to be the Race Director for Falling Colors Race for 2008.  MaryAnn hasn’t gotten the new signs yet but will looking into doing that and also getting the 5 new tables the club agreed to purchase at the March meeting.  We discussed the contribution to the Rock Hill Rock & Ramble and voted on and agreed to give $250.  Dennis mentioned that Susie Loughlin will attend the May meeting to discuss the race. 

We continued discussions on possible activities that the club will host.  Dennis will look into scheduling and planning a rafting/tubing trip for this summer.  Myriam will plan the Racino Run and Breakfast.  Looking at June 22nd with maybe a second run in July or August.  The club pays for the breakfast.  Myriam also suggested doing something at Bear Mountain and will looking to possible dates.

It was decided to have the Rockland club host the 2009 Interclub Challenge and the Striders would take 2010 and continue to rotate through the 3 clubs each year.

New Business – Dennis suggested joining the Sullivan County Visitors Association. The cost is $50.00.  It was voted on and agreed to do so.  Myriam talked about the upcoming race on Mother’s Day in Norwalk, CT.  If enough are interested they will car pool to the race.
Membership Report - by Myriam – Exact numbers were not reported – renewals coming in but Myriam hasn’t had a chance to get exact number.

Treasurer’s Report - Roger reported the Operations Account currently has $3428.77 and the Savings (Scholarship) Account has $2816.66. He said that he, Dennis and Myriam need to go over some papers that he needs signed for the bank. He also gave a general outline of the procedures he plans on using with regards to tracking deposits and disbursements.  Dennis mentioned that at the recent Officer’s Meeting it was decided that we would have Marco do audits periodically throughout the year.  He will talk to Marco to set something up.  Roger also reported that the check for $100 was sent to the family of Rosemary Romer in her memory.

Secretary’s Report  - by Nancy –just submitted mail issues and gave any checks to Roger.  Gave Myriam all new/renewal membership applications received.

President’s Report - Dennis reported on the Officer’s Meeting that was held on March 14th.    He discussed the possible activities that we would like to plan and how we would go about planning them.  They need a person running the activity and we would like to require RSVP’s with some type of payment.  It was suggested that we could possibly offer two prices – a slightly reduced one for prepayment – like we do for races – might help get commitments.  Dennis also put out the idea of having the club pay for dinner for all attending the April meeting – it was voted on and agreed upon.  Roger will need to bring a check to the meeting in order to pay the restaurant.  Just trying some ways to get better participation at the weekly run/walk and the monthly meeting.  He also reported to everyone on the new Hudson Valley Classic Challenge being started this year.  There is nothing anyone has to do but run the Kinston 10k, the Orange Classic, the Monster 10k and the Tri-States Classic.

Old Business - No change on the 501C.  Dennis again put out a call for someone to come forward to be the Race Director for the Falling Colors race in November.  He stressed the importance of getting a director named ASAP – it works much better if you get started earlier.  It was suggested that an email go out to all members trying to get a director.  Tim Billias is considering taking the position – he’ll let us know.
New Business - Myriam gave a report on the Wurtsboro 30k.  There were 185 registered runners this year.  The cost of the race was $2517 (approx).  The race took in $3800 pre-registered and $1511 on race day.  The race netted approx $2800.  This is a popular race that continues to grow each year and the proceeds are solely for the benefit of Sullivan Striders.  Myriam stressed the importance of the club turning out to volunteer for the event and to particularly sign up early so they know who and how many volunteers they will have. One concern is when you have more show up to run than expected and you run out of gifts.  It was suggested that the club buy a stock of some generic gift that would be on hand in times like that so at least there is something for the runners.  Then anything left would be given to the volunteers.  There was an issue of running out of cups and water at the water stops and ways of avoiding that in the future were discussed.  This was a hugely successful event and Myriam was congratulated on a job well done.

   1. It was suggested, voted on and agreed that the club would invest in 5 folding tables to have on hand for races.  Now that the club is making some money it’s time to invest in equipment for future races.  Also suggested was that the club purchase road signs for races.  This will be priced out so we can decide how many we want to purchase.
   2. Myriam discussed the upcoming Rock Hill Rock & Ramble – would we be donating again – same as last year – which we think was $250.  In checking the minutes from last year we did give $250 to this race.  Will need to confirm this donation at the April meeting.
   3. Tom talked for a second or two (or may still be talking we’re not sure) on the Interclub Race which the Striders have won for the second year in a row!  He had the trophy for all to see.
   4. Kim is going to talk to the owners of Vino’s to see if we can set up a shelf inside the wine case to display the trophy, the certificates we received with regards to the Woods Road cleanup and the framed picture of the club at the litter pluck.  Since we have our meetings there it would be the logical place to hang our achievement awards.
Officers Present:
Dennis Toscano, Roger Hourihan, Nancy Warth
Eight other members present.

Membership Report – by Myriam Loor – Exact numbers were not reported – renewals starting to come in heavier now.

Treasurer’s Report Roger did not present a Treasurer’s Report.

Secretary’s Report  - by Nancy Warth –just submitted mail issues and gave any checks to Roger.  Gave Myriam all new/renewal membership applications received.

President’s Report – Dennis reported that he attended the Sullivan County Renaissance Awards ceremony where the Sullivan Striders were honored for their work on the Woods Road cleanup.  The Manza family (Tom & MaryAnn) were also honored for work they had also done.  Dennis reported it was a nice evening and we have a beautiful plaque.  It was suggested to see if we could have the plaque hung at Vino’s as that is the site of our meetings.

Dennis also discussed the death of a fellow runner, Rosemary Romer, from Thompson Ridge.  She was killed while out running along Burlingham Road in Bloomingburg.  Dennis suggested and it was approved to send $100 in her memory from the Sullivan Striders to CROC.  Roger will see that the check is cut.

Old Business – No change on the 501C.  Dennis again put out a call for someone to come forward to be the Race Director for the Falling Colors race in November.  The Gilded Otter mixer has been rescheduled to Friday, March 7th due to snow on the 22nd.  Myriam had brought a flyer/application that we all folded, stamped and addressed for the Inter-Club Challenge on March 9th. 

New Business

  1. Myriam gave an update on the progress on the 30k which is on March 15th.  She is in need of volunteers for the race.
  2. Dr. Gary Bersen attended our meeting and announced that the Forestburgh 5K will be held on August 16th.  This is for the benefit of Hospice of Orange and Sullivan Counties.
Officers Present: Dennis Toscano, Abby Billias, Nancy Warth
Nine other members present.
Membership Report – by Myriam Loor – Membership at 155 at the end of 2007.  Renewals coming in slowly.  Dennis will put a reminder on the website.
Treasurer’s Report –  Roger was not present but had giving some info to Dennis – amount deposited this month $409.00.  He didn’t report balances.  Savings Account should still be $299.99.  The Operations Account would be close to the previous balance of $*,***.**. Exact amounts will be reported next month.

Secretary’s Report  - by Nancy Warth –just submitted mail issues and gave any checks to Nancy to pass on to Roger.  Gave Myriam all new/renewal membership applications received.

Old Business – Nancy Figueroa reported that the work on the 501C is moving along as expected – all papers they needed signed have been signed. Myriam reported that the jackets came in and she has about 12 available for sale.  She will get a picture to Dennis so he can advertise them on the website.  Dennis reported on the Christmas Party.  The attendance was down a bit but everyone had a really good time. The DJ was good as was the food (as always).  Could have been the Giants/New England Game that hurt attendance – although we did have a TV showing the game.

New Business –
1.    -  InterClub Challenge – a suggestion was made to move the race to April.  There is a Kingston race that conflicts with the challenge in March.  There really aren’t that many races in April.  Dennis brought up the issue of Easter causing a conflict in April most years.  Will discuss further during the year and watch as the calendar is put together for 2009.  The InterClub is scheduled for the 9th of March this year.  Todd had suggested changing it to the 16th but with the 30K on the 15th we didn’t think changing was a good idea.  Todd is ok with it remaining on the 9th.  ORC also suggested getting rid of a trophy for the InterClub Challenge but it was agreed to keep the trophy.  All discussion with ORC will be finalized at the Winter Series Race 3 on the 10th of Feb.

2.    – Tom Manza’s wacky idea (his words) – maybe in 09 we could change the 30k to add a marathon option.  Would be the 1st marathon in the area.  There are a couple of ways to change the course and further discussion will be required but everyone liked the idea - just trying to see if it will work out – more volunteers needed, more water stops etc.

3.    – Gilded Otter Mixer scheduled for Friday, February 22nd.  $5 per person for all the appetizers you can eat.  Had approximately 50 attend last year – hoping for another good turnout.  Parking is an issue – car pooling is recommended.

4.    – Discussion of activities that could be planned for the year – trying to come up with ideas that people are interested in.  Possibly a bowling day.  Hard to plan without knowing approximate number that will attend.  Discussed trying to get reservations/deposits – more discussion needed.  There was discussion of a Central Park run.  Myriam will research what is on the Central Park calendar.

5.    – Myriam brought up issues with the newsletter and trying to find ways to share the work load.  There is a lot involved to put out 6 newsletters per year with getting articles, pictures, help with layout and preparing for mail.  There was some discussion of making a pdf file and email to those who have email.  Dennis will put something on the website to see if some volunteers will come forward.

6.    – Miscellaneous – Dennis will archive the newsletters on to the website.

Dennis put out a request for speakers for our meetings – if    anyone has someone they would like to invite talk to Dennis.
Tom announced that the Striders will be receiving an award from the Sullivan County Renaissance Committee for our various cleanups.  Tom will accept the award for us.
Everyone helped John Ferrera celebrate his birthday by enjoying the best cake ever that his wife had made and brought over to Vino’s so they could serve as a surprise to John. Really nice.
Picnic at Hanoffe  park in Liberty on August 12, 2006 at 1:00 pm. Orange     County Runners are invited to join the Sullivan Striders for the event.
Handicapped Race - August 10th 2006.  Emerald Green Entertanium (site of Falling Colors race).  Enter the race giving your best 5K time for 2006 or, in 2005 if no races this year.  Run the 5K course on a handicap with the persons at 60 minutes and over, leaving first.
Discounts - Striders Local Races:
-Monster Classic 5K & 10K Road Races, Sunday - August 6, 2006. 
To Benefit "The Diabetes Education Center".   Presented by The Monticello Rotary Club.  Register online
Discussed donating $ to the Callicoon Youth Center for damages due to the  flood.
Check the website for the upcoming races.
And we still want a lot of members to join us on the Thursday runs and at the monthly meetings!
Committee Reports:
Treasurer’s Report:
Membership Report: 102 members.
President Tom Manza opened the meeting inviting Kim Nonenmacher to give an overview of Falling Colors Race. Kim said she is receiving responses from sponsor letters that were sent out. She informed members that Debbie Labounty is coordinating the food, if interested in contributing please call Debbie at 439-3911. If you are interested in volunteering or know anyone who is please call Kim at 888-5236 any help would be appreciated.
President Manza said the track meet at Burke went well with good participation from Striders members.
Thursday October 2, is the Walnut mountain run/walk. Meet at McDonalds in Liberty at 6pm.
Vice President Marco Pabon explained the benefits of full inclusion with the Hudson Valley Grand-Prix and how some race directors are asking to have their race included in Grand-Prix selection.
A Grand-Prix proposal was passed around and members signed it if they were in favor of it.
Vice President Bob Harris mentioned that the Dutchess County 1/2 Marathon was this past week. Strider members Joe Loughlin, Ray Revelle, and Herb Waterman ran well.
President Manza suggested that members could try to get businesses to contribute door prizes for the Falling Colors Race.
He also reminded members a local Run/Walk for Our Future 8k is October 25 in Fallsburg. Experienced help is need for the finish line-please contact Steve Holmbraker if interested in volunteering.
Vice President Bob Harris described the challenging Roosa Gap course being held this Sunday.
Striders second Handi-Cap Race will be held October 16 6:00pm at Emerald Green Clubhouse.
Everyone is encouraged to participate in this fun event. A hero sandwich will be provided but members can bring chips and desert if they would like.
Aldoberto provided this months raffle prize-a cooler filled with a 12 pack of Gatorade-Alexandro Pabon was the winner. Herb Waterman was winner of one-year free membership for being first to find the error in this past newsletter.
President Manza welcomed new striders member Helen Klinger to her first meeting.
Meeting Adjourned
Alice Duffy
Committee Reports:
Membership: 97 paid members to date.
President Manza opened the meeting welcoming Alberto Garcia who was attending the meeting for the first time and was interested in joining the Striders.  President Manza called on Maryann Manza to update the club on the Scholarship Committees progress in choosing recipients for proceeds from the Falling Colors race.   Maryann stated there were 4 recipients chosen out of nine applications received. She noted that there was a very tough field to choose from. A discussion followed about the amount of the scholarship and a vote was taken to increase the total amount given from $1,000.00 to $1,400.00. Dividing it four ways would give each recipient $350.00. Maryann said the people involved in the scholarship process were very impressed the club was giving back to the community.  The selected students will be informed during their commencement ceremony. The students will come to Striders meeting to accept their scholarship. President Manza suggested that we should think about giving a scholoarship award the same day as the Falling Colors race to the Sullivan County High School male and female runner that come in first.  We could add it to race the application to encourage younger athletes to compete in the race.
President Manza announced that the club needs a member to volunteer to collect information and coordinate articles for the newsletter. Please contact John Flynn if you are interested. Another pair of hands in helping with the newsletter committee would be greatly appreciated.
President Manza announced that the Handicap race will be held at 6:30pm Thursday June 26 at the Emerald Green Clubhouse.  It will be on the Falling Colors 5Kwalk course. The Orange Runners Club and The Rockland Road Runners have been invited to join us.  The Handicap race is a race in which slower runners have their best opportunity to win. Starting times are handicapped, and the handicap is based on their best performance of the previous year. Vice President Dennis Toscano gave club members an outline that he made to show how to make the race easy to organize. Members agreed it was a good idea.
Club members Honora and Sam Wohl said they would donate the ice cream. A sheet of paper was passed around and members wrote their name and if they would be bringing a favorite dish. If you are planning on bringing something call Alice at 794-1246 so we have an idea of what we need to provide in way of refreshments. Also members should bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit outside on. There are only three picnic tables at the clubhouse.
Track workouts are being held at Monticello High School on Tuesdays at 5:45pm.
Orshii Boldiis gave members an update on the Monster Classic.  He has a mass of mailing of one thousand to be sent out.  His main focus this year is more local participation.  He needs the Striders to hand out race applications not only at races but also locally at area businesses and where we work.  He also needs us to try to get sponsors for food or service donations. It doesn’t have to be a cash donation.  Orshii asked if there would be a monster clinic the three Saturdays before the race and President Manza said it would be a good idea to have it.  Orshii would like to have the names of people who will be volunteering for The Monster Race so knows how many T-Shirts to order. He said the volunteer shirts would be a different color from the race shirts this year. President Manza asked that anyone interested in helping with the kids race to please contact him.
Club member Maryann Manza mentioned that the River Cruise planned by Myriam Loor was an excellent idea and everyone enjoyed the day.  
Club Member Myriam Loor noted that although the Falling Colors Race did quite well in the past she is concerned that we have to be careful about the price of registration.  Since it is late in the year and people maybe cutting back on the number of races they enter due to the increases in fees.  President Manza suggested we have a race committee and a sheet of paper was passed around for members interested in being on the Falling Colors Race Committee to put their name on it.  The members on the The Falling Colors Race Committee are Herb Waterman, Orshii Boldiis, John Flynn, Debbie Labounty, Bob Harris, Myriam Loor, Alberto Garcia and Tom Manza.  If you are interested in being on the committee let Tom know.
Vice President Marco Pabon noted that Bistek Rivera is a local legend in the running community and he motioned to make him an honorary member of Sullivan Striders Club.  Maryann Manza seconded the motion.
Orshii Boldiis noted the stuffing of race bags for the Rock Hill Run and Ramble will be Thursday June 12 at 5pm in the cafeteria at the Frontier building.
The next club meeting will be held Thursday, June 26 after the handicap race at the Emerald Green Clubhouse in Rock Hill.
The meeting was adjourned.
Alice Duffy

April 24, 2003

President Tom Manza opened the meeting welcoming Donna and Barbara, two new potential members who joined us for the first time.  He than introduce Manhattan College and Seton Hall track coach Chris Egger.  Coach Egger gave a very motivational speech on his style of coaching. He explained how some coaches are more technical in their approach, where his style is one that is from the heart. When he trains a runner he looks right at you and speaks to the runner in that person.  He told an inspiring story about how in 1981 his soccer coach wrote him a letter encouraging him to be the best he can be. He was so impressed that this soccer coach took the time to touch his heart it inspired him to get to where he is today and how he himself passes on what he learned from this experience to others. Coach Egger said he uses the three gifts of coaching, which he says, are pride, passion, and persistence. Everybody has a great runner in them. He suggested that whatever your goal is, you should put it on the refrigerator and look at it everyday.  He does not believe in running everyday.  He thinks we need a day off from running and we should have a routine. Results won’t happen over night but you will see results in two years if you stick with it.  There was a short question and answer period and the regular meeting resume.
Copies of last month’s minuets were passed out.  John Flynn accepted the minuets and Doris Motl seconded the motion.
 The club received correspondence from The Rock and Roll Marathon, Kinston Classic and the CROCATHON 2003 for the New Jersey Shore Marathon, Sunday April 27, 2003. See secretary for applications.
Brain Cavanagh spoke on the Wurtsboro 30k he said so far there are 93 registered and expects to reach 110 runners by race day.  He welcomed all volunteers to arrive by 7am-race day. Steve Holmbraker will be designating the volunteers to where they are needed. Steve Holmbraker and Vice President Dennis Toscano will be manning the finish line. Doris Motl will be the official photographer.  Vice President Bob Harris remarked the course.  Other club members volunteered to help also.
President Manza said that there was a good showing of thirty members from the striders at The Battle of the Clubs.  He mentioned that with the Rockland Road Runners Club as a new addition there is talk of having the race at the same place in Montgomery every year and that our club should be very proud that we started this tradition last year with the first race growing from 40 to 105 participants.
Please e-mail any articles you have for the next newsletter to John Flynn by April 15.
Vice President Bob Harris spoke to sports editor of The Record, Doug Mohart about what his criteria was for the race results to be posted in the newspaper. A result of this communication was, the first race results were posted in today’s paper after a long period of having none in print.  Myriam Loor suggested we have a petition drawn up and have club members sign it as a follow up to let the editor know how the runners feel about seeing the results in The Record.
Next week we will still meet at Frontier and do The Wannasink Lake Loop.
Vice President Dennis Toscano suggested a trail run for Saturday April 19.
Orshi Boldis gave an update on The Monster Classic-everything is ahead of schedule, he passed around the new brochure for this years race and is currently working on a mass mailing list for runners.  He saidThe Rotary Club chose Sullivan First as a benefactor for proceeds from this years race and mentioned that members may want to vote on it as the striders club benefactor also since Sullivan First covers the Monticello and Rock Hill area.  He also said the race would start at 8:45am this year, a half-hour earlier than the previous year. There will be T-shirts for staff members and volunteers.  Marco Pabon pointed out that The Monster is Grand-Prix event and Orshii said he include that info on the race application.
John Flynn made a motion for Sullivan First to be the clubs choice of benefactors for The Monster Classic and asked if any other club member had a suggestion for one.  A vote was taken and a show of hands picked Sullivan First as a strider choice to receive proceeds from The Monster Classic.
Myriam Loor suggest a Hudson River cruse as a family outing using club funds to subsidies part of the fee.  She will look into it and get back to the club with more information.
Meeting Adjourned
By Alice Duffy

Treasurer:  Balance as of 2/27/03
Membership: Unavailable

President Manza opened the meeting by saying we should be proud of our efforts in helping the community .He asked the Secretary to read a thank you letter the club received from C. R. O. C. thanking the club for support and donation of $1,700.00 raised from The Falling Colors race this past November.

Maryann Manza mentioned that anyone interested in working on the Scholarship committee to meet after the run/walk on the following Thursday at her house. President Manza expressed the importance for members to come to the committee meeting to have say in how the funds are distributed. Gary Byrnes spoke about setting certain criteria for scholarships.   He suggested having an academic/track scholastic.

President Manza discussed the up coming Battle of the Clubs race being held Sunday March 16 at Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  Hosted by the Orange Runners Club.  He explained it doesn't matter how fast you are because we get points for every participant and members should come out for some competition and fun.

President Manza mentioned that Rockland Road Runners invited our club to participate in their twentieth anniversary and it would be great to get a team together to enter.  The race would be held this coming fall.

President Manza noted the newsletter looked top shelf and that John Flynn really tackled it along with other members whom participated in pulling it together.

Vice President Harris suggested we have extra copies of newsletters available for members to hand out along with club applications at area races.

Vice President Toscano said some members have mentioned to him that they had not received a newsletter.  He said he would contact them and get the addresses so they can be mailed a newsletter.
Up coming Wurtsboro 30k Saturday March 29. 21 entry's of which 19 came from Active. Com, aiming at having a better quality event by having more people at water stops and giving out mile splits. Steve Holmbraker will pull the tags and post them on a board. Volunteers for this race should show up at 7:00AM race day.

Vice President Harris passed around two styles of green singlets and one sleeveless running shirt.  A show of hands voted for the green colored shirts as opposed to white. An order sheet was passed around, members put down the size and style they wanted to order. After more discussion it was decided to look into other types of shirts and make a final decision later. Vice President Harris said he would bring in a catalog to show different styles the company has to offer.

Vice President Harris directed the Winter Series for the second year in a row and said it went really well with a good turnout and a minimum of complaints.

Club member Herb Waterman mentioned that a few members meet at the Chase School in Wurtsboro at 9am Saturday mornings to train on the 30k course. Anyone interested in joining them is welcomed just give Herb a call.

Vice President Harris mentioned there were a couple of teams going to the 20k in Central Park.

President Manza discussed the lack of coverage The Record has given to the racing community.
He suggested writing a letter and or sending an e-mail to the sports editor to let him know there are more than just High School runners and it is a slight to everyone to eliminate racing results from the paper.  He said maybe we could change it and make a difference by letting The Record know how we feel.

Meeting adjourned.

Alice Duffy

er 24, 2002

Race director Myriam Loor went over the preperations for the Falling Colors '02, which is on Nov. 2nd.  Best Buy has donated a 27" Color TV that the club has decided to be raffled off at a later date.  Al Sutcliffe will once again do the timing of the race.   CROC has 10 people that will volunteer on race day.  The club could use about 10 more volunteers.  Steve Holmbraker will help out with the race day volunteers.  On Wednesday, Oct. 30th, we will be stuffing the race day bags at Doris M<otl's home.   As of tonight's meeting we have 104 entries.  Please pass the word along that we will be accepting dog/cat food for the shelter in Rock Hill at the race.

Clarification was made that the race benefits CROC and will also benefit a newly formed scholarship fund for all schools in Sullivan County, not just the Monticello High School.  A committee was previously formed and they will be working on the scholarship fund in the future.

President Manza acknowledged Kim Nonemacher-Flynn for her work on designing this year's tee shirt.

The Monster Race raised about $8,300.00 before expenses.  The Sullivan County SPCA, who was our named beneficiary, has not received any monies yet.  We would like to invite them to our meeting to award them the proceeds but the Rotary would need to be contacted too, since they usually handle this.

President Tom Manza received an e-mail from Cliff Davis asking us to be co-sponsors with the Orange Runners Club for the 2003 Grand Prix Series.  The Club was very much in favor of this.  Club member Bob Harris, who is also a grand prix committee member, spoke on how the races are chosen, etc. The first year there were 19 races, this year 12 and next year thee will be 18.  Club members, Steve Holmbraker and Marco Pabon, are also on the board for the Grand Prix.  Marco is very involved with the scoring which entails a lot of record keeping and work.  Steve praised our club for our devotion to see and make things happen.   Dennis Toscano works on our website and do a nice job of promoting the Grand Prix, club information and the Falling Colors Race.  Let Dennis know of any changes, additions to the site etc., and he will post them to our site.

The Holiday Cub party will be held once again at the Emerald Green Clubhouse.  The tentative available dates for the clubhouse are Saturday, December 14th or 21st.  The Club's first choice is the 21st.  Tom Manza will confirm the date with Emerald Green.

Elections are to be held at the Holiday Party.  John Flynn will chair the nominating committee.  Please contact John if you would like to seek a position as an officer or would like to nominate someone.  All positions are open to elections.   The officer positions are: President, Executive Vice-President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Seargant of Arms.

Round the table:
Happy Birthday to Clint Foxwell.  He just entered a new race age group by turning??  Andy McKean has been racing real well lately.  The Philadelphia Marathon is being held on Sunday, November 24th.  Many members are participating.  Good luck to them all: Tom Manza, Myriam Loor, Rene Loor, Bob Harris and Judy Card.

The club received information on a marathon in Washington, DC on March 23, 2003.  Brochures were passed around for those interested.  There is a team relay and a team challenge in addition to running as an individual.  Visit their website for any information:

New Business:
A discussion was held on ordering club jackets, sweatshirts, singlets, etc. for club members.  A sheet was passed around to get an idea of how many members would be interested, many members were.  Bob Harris will look into this.  Race singlets may cost approx. $20 - $22.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 21st due to the Thanksgiving holiday the following week.  Meeting adjorned.

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Further information:
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